Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

our Wednesday

it's our first time spend together..we really had a great day. hoping we hv another to chance to enjoy it together =D

Friday, May 7, 2010

BIG willey satay..nyum nyum!!

I was dreaming eating satay for about 6 months ago. Everytime i was planning to eat those, the planning always changed. And now im eating a real big satay kajang at Williy Satay.

Place : Ramal junction, Sg, Ramal Dalam (adjacent to the main road to the Kajang after the Country Heights)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the IRON-lady

it's a break sem already..yey!!home switt home!! and i have a new job. Guess what..??
im becoming the IRON-lady.. Well this job makes me to iron all my parent's cloths. They paid me for each set of baju kurung or the kebaya for RM 2, the pants RM 2, the kemeja RM 2 and my lil sis school's uniform RM 2. The good news is, they are workaholic. Haha..it sure does help me get through the economies. Besides, for me to get a real job only for 1 month and that month will not have my fully cooperate for finishing up my car driving license? na-ah. This job sure does help a lot. Next thing, i can do some revision on my own. Wish me to get a DEKAN for my next sem. im counting on it. =D)

see how many i need to iron for every week??

n this wat awaits me..owh gosh!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Le Tour De UMT

We've been here at UMT starting the final exam until 27 April. It took about a week for me to wait here until the activities started. Quite bored. This boredom keep continued starting the sunset until all of us had created our own activities..Riding bikes together with the bicycles that do not know who's. owh..we are not stealing anything, we just borrow it while the owners are already resting their foot in their houses. Sorry, if the owners don't like it. Don't be mad will ya..??

We started using the bikes for our 2nd day activities with PTI. From now on then, the bike is like our love. Whenever and wherever we always with the bikes. We even going to Pasar Malam which 2km from our hostel;with the bikes. Everyone around were so excited seeing us. They even calling us the LE TOUR DE UMT. It's great. It could be our last experience so we kept it well saved with pictures and memories and also with the blog.

Our last day with 'love' is 25th April 10pm. After having our dinner at MZA(in front of the UMT) we decided to go to Siang Malam store where it 24hours store kind to say like Kedai Mamak. We buy some roti canai for our breakfast for the next day. Forgot to say, our breakfast is at 4 in the morning. We need to go to Kuantan, Pahang for the shooting activities.

P/S : We were deeply sorry for using it without any permissions. However, we did well take cared of the bikes. The bikes help us a lot. May the owner of the bikes well blessed.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shooting activities in Kuantan, Pahang

1130pm, 26April10 : Dorm switt dorm..

20 hours before : Hyper-ladies wearing delta(ROTU's uniform) with a spike boots going to Kuantan, Pahang just for the shooting activities.

16 hours before : Reached at the shooting place. What a great view with a great smell-smell of the guns and bullets who can't wait to put down the plates. It's raining and with the wind blow upon us, it could be challenging.

14 hours before : M-16..here we come. The details(shooter) step forward to the stage. Then the details been asked to lay down and see the target with an empty bullet. Targeting back with 10 bullets and shoot with our own time. We've been doing with this M-16 for 2rounds. The first round i get knocked down the plate twice but the second round kind to say..i got zero for it..i guess..My aiming are not clearer as the first round. Perhaps I've been disturbed by the load sound from the other details as I am holding the sixth's small arm out of 8.

08 hours before : Glock-17. A small weapon like a pistol used in CSI. Technique used : backsight, foresight and then target. It's keep appearing at my ears. The staffs there kept telling me the great tips to become a sharp shooter and that's what we need to be a great navy. I thought it just that simple. However, don't u ever judge the book by it's cover. DON'T U EVER. Believe me. Even u have so much great tips but then when u were staring at the target..u may not have even one plat fall down. Well, what can u said even the a sharp shooter may not give one bullet for one target.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

bbQ nyte ROTU UMT 3rd batch

We had our first BBQ night Palapes UMT 3rd batch at 22 April 10. It is a sudden event and yet we finished it with a good smiling memories.. Give an applause to urself babeh..

Wake up in the early morning making sandwiches...nyummy!!

Pick up the rent cars.

Drove it to Sekayu Waterfall, Terengganu.

Playing with the water till the clock strike 12. It's getting hot though.

Go to Fatin's house for preparing the BBQ stuff.

6.30 pm, Adam Maya's drama time..yey!! owh god i want my guy like Adam.

BBQ time!!! Fighting with the 'semut api'..pergh..mmg jahanam!!

Then..eating time.. =)) What a big mouth do we have..haha

With PTI's son Putera Shazwan Haikal a.k.a Haikal which is a really hyperactive-switt boy ever..

Final touch..sleeping time..Beauty is the most precious thing to take care of..*smile*